December 06, 2011

Dean of the College of Engineering, Colorado State University, Visiting the Office of National River Restoration

Sandra Woods, dean of the College of engineering, Colorado State University, visited the Office of National river restoration with her colleagues on October 24th. Colorado State University is a prestigious school in the field of water resources and has many graduates of water resources specialists in Korea. There has been much exchange in knowledge and information as a Professor Pierre Julien from the University participated in the international forum of the Four major rivers restoration Project. The Dean, Woods was very much interested in the fact that the Four major rivers restoration Project included the solution to water-related issues such as drought and flood caused by climate change as well as to water quality enhancement. In addition, she was surprised by the fact that the dredging of the accumulated sedimentary soil within the riverbeds and installing 16 weirs were all completed with domestic technology in two years.

The emeritus professor Justin Harper who was a vice president for research of Colorado State University gave an opinion that the Four major rivers restoration Project will restore the environment and enhance local development as well as fundamentally resolve water-related problems with no doubt. In addition, he was interested in the future exchange of knowledge suggesting a lecture on the Four major rivers restoration Project at Colorado State University.